Celtic Supporter's Emails To Sky Sports News Presenter Georgie Thompson

Take a bow Jhimbo from The Huddleboard. This is superb and his match reports are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read too:

Dear Sky Sports,
You are a shower of utter cunts and lying bastards. On your info news bar you claimed that Peter Sweeney had moved from Stoke to Leeds. I can assure you that this is pure fucking tosh. I was at school with Peter Sweeney and he was my taxi driver from the pub on Friday night and its a toss up what’s heavier - him or the taxi. I wish you would stop making up shite like this, as Peter Sweeney’s family are money grabbing bastards and if they read that then they wont give the poor cunt a minute’s peace. I can only wonder how many other young men have been led to believe they have signed for Leeds because of your lies.
Signed Jhimbo

Sky Sports News’ Georgie Thompson’s reply:

Dear Jhimbo,
Has it ever occured to you that there is more than one Peter Sweeney?

Jhimbo again:

Dear Smartarse Georgie,
If you listen to the words of the song by Stoke fans (‘there’s only one Peter Sweeney’) then you will find they’re better qualified to know how many Peter fucking Sweeneys there are. You have a flabby arse.

Georgie again:

Dear Jhimbo,
You’re off your fucking head.


Dear Georgie,
You know fuck all about fitba and Gaby Logan’s much nicer. Cunts.
Signed Jhimbo

Thats what I call utter scutter

Confirmation, if any was needed, of the supreme quality of the emails.

Confirmation of your inane & misplaced superiority

I don’t consider myself superior to you. I do consider you to be a bit of a tosser though. That is all.

You’ve got to get to know me better there Bandage.