Celtic v Rangers - CIS Cup Final Preview

Celtic and Rangers meet for the sixth time this season at Hampden Park tomorrow. The pre-match buildup has been absurdly dominated by police and politicians as Scotland seems determined to register it… Celtic v Rangers - CIS Cup Final Preview

Good read, Rocko. But I think it’s a Ledley or Ki decision tomorrow. I reckon he’ll go with Ledley to play beside Kayal and a team of:

Wilson, Rogne, Mulgrew, Izaguirre,
Brown, Kayal, Ledley, Commons,

Hard to know how the huns will react to Bartley’s absence. They were much more positive in the second half on Thursday when they subbed Weir, reverted to 4 at the back and Bougherra and Bartley played together.

I don’t think they’ll leave Weir out for a cup final but they won’t want to leave him exposed either. They could bring Papac inside in a back 5 and play the youngster Wylde left back - he was useful the other night. I’d be confident that Hooper and Samaras can cause them lots of problems if they play with Weir in a back four. There’s also talk that Alexander will be in goal for them as he’s played in this competition all season.

Big game for Rogne and Mulgrew - they were decent in their few games together before Rogne got injured but Jelavic will be a challenge for them. Apparently Lafferty is actually fine after being stretchered off the other night.

I think we’ll go for 5 in midfield for some reason but if we do go with 4 then it’ll definitely be Ledley ahead of Ki I expect.

Not sure what they’ll do at all. They haven’t played well with 5 at the back and missing Bartley probably makes up their mind to play the extra man in midfield. They could do that Wylde-Papac option but it’s a bit forced.

If they have the extra man in midfield who do you expect to be in there with Edu and Davis? They have loads of wide options like Lafferty, Diouf, Naismith, Weiss and Fleck but it’s only really Hutton that I can think of to play in the middle of the park unless they can free up Whittaker to move forward somehow. Ness is out and Foster is cuptied so they’re even short on young options.


I fear the huns will hack and kick with impunity again today. Suspensions don’t carry over to the league either. I also fear the referee making some ‘honest mistakes’ in their favour.

Quite nervous now. Sure, it’s the League Cup but it’s against them and it’s the chance to secure Neil Lennon’s first trophy as Celtic manager. That’s very big for Celtic.

Rumoured huns team:





Not sure how that midfield works - could the be going for two up front? Wylde is very much an outside player is he not? Could be Naismith in behind Jelavic with Lafferty and Wylde on the wings?

I’m heading off to a Fenian Ale House now so will just post up a couple of links before I go in case they’re required:


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Its on Setanta isn’t it lads?

Weir playing means i’m betting on this, Celtic to win is 2.5. If it wasn’t such a rivalry and i was betting on talent available and ability i’d be going Celtic -1 going on the last few viewings of both sides.

Shocking goalkeeping by Forster. :angry:

Not playing well here. We’ll need to guts it out.

Very poor goal to concede but was important to get it back quickly. Haven’t been good overall and have gotten worse as the half went on. Giving them an out ball to Jelavic far too easily. Need to start cutting that out because they have runners off him who could do damage.

Both central midfielders doing well with Ledley the better of the two. Brown has been ok, Commons not involved enough at all. Need him to take more on to peg Lafferty back because Lafferty is sitting on Izzy the whole game and his height advantage is a concern. Need to occupy him defensively instead.

Samaras playing well but needs to let passes go much quicker. Hooper hasn’t really been in it.

Jelavic is a diving bastard. Stupid Setanta commentators. I’m not at the game either but it took me about 10 seconds to realise he hadnt given the penalty. They were still figuring it out a long time later.

Finally a word for the SFA groundsman. What a fucking horrible pitch.

Oh and shite goalkeeping again.

Mulgrew and Rogne are looking very unsure of what to do with the ball.

Hoof the cunt,ye pair of twats.

Hampden groundsman must be under the employ of the huns. Need to stop letting Jelavic bully us and we need more from everyone. Have the beating of them when we move the ball quickly.

Who is commentating on Setanta?Dodds on the Beeb is quite annoying.

Hooper has been very poor today lads.

I’d get either Patrick or Stokes on for Hooper who has been out of sorts today.

He has been dreadful alright. Poor touch and not working hard enough either to be honest.

What a save :o


The co-commentator on Setanta is an absolute retard.