Celtic v St Johnstone

Rocko, NCC, larry - please post up a link for the game later if you can find one.

Celtic -1 goal are 4/6. Easy money?


Hinkel, Caldwell, Loovens, Fox,
McGeady, Donati, Brown, Maloney,
McDonald, Fortun.

Subs: Zaluska, Crosas, Caddis, Ferry, Killen, Samaras, O’Dea.

No Landry N’Guemo - he’s suspended for the second leg at Arsenal so Donati and Brown could do with playing together. He’s not even on the bench though, which suggests he might have a knock.

Good link here:


Ah delightful defending from Caldwell.

Ah fuck. Great chance for Skippy. Fotune fooked up but made a great run and put it on a plate for McDonald.

They’re very defensive but caused us a few problems on the break already.

Like how fluid our midfield is.

Smashing run from the Malaysian provo gives Fortune a similar chance to the one McDonald just missed and a tidy finish. 1 up.

Good to see Fortun get off the mark. Smashing work by Maloney to set it up.

That’s as good a goal as you’ll see anywhere. Sensational football.

Magnificent team goal. Arsenal will be shitting themselves, and rightfully so.

Scott Brown is having a super game here.

is yer streaming decent? mine is gone to fcuk

Mine’s perfect from that ustream link.

Fucking idiot Caldwell. Idiot.

Caldwell’s reverting back to the 2006/07 version of himself. Stuff like that is not good enough - we need a centre back still, a top one.

He’s done 90% of what he’s done today excellently but when you’re a defender you can’t make mistakes like that. And not as often as Caldwell does.

Not sure Boruc was brilliant on the goal either but obviously the blame is entirely Caldwell’s.

I don’t think you can level any criticism at Boruc - the ball is fizzed through Loovens’ legs into the corner. It’s Caldwell’s sloppy header to give Samuel a clear run in on goal that causes the problem and he should take the blame. We look like we can score every time we attack but we’ve been too open at the back.

McGeady looks a little quicker this season compared to last. McDonald looks a little chubbier.

Lovely finish from Maloney. He’s having a cracking game.

great goal

Genius Aiden. Lovely finish Marco.