Champions League 2021/22


RTE will have still have 1 game on a Tuesday.

Pity about Virgin Media losing the rights. Handy to have another free to air option and I prefer friend of the forum Tommy Martin, Kerr, Delaney and Kinsella over RTE.

That’s class to be fair.

How are they making money if its free?

Owned by Gamesys who are a gambling company.

It’ll be free but there will be adverts.

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If things are free YOU are the product

Virgin’s coverage was always excellent.

When Souness used be on it pre-Covid he used to say to Kerr off air, that it was a better show than what Sky produce for the PL and was fascinated by growing the viewership.

Tadic :flushed::flushed::cry:

What happened ?

He scored a goal while spreadeagled and slid into the foot of the post with his wedding tackle taking the force of the collision

Looks like a Liverpool v Ajax final all ends up. The natural order is reasserting itself.

That’s an incredible piece of defending.

Reece James has been immense recently. Thought he was a slight bit overrated last season for a lad who wasn’t a regular but he seems to have to another level recently. Chelsea’s top scorer this season.

Chelsea are the best side in Europe

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Cracking goal for Young Boys

Luis Muriel pings a freekick inside the post to equalize

Zenit have another chance to level from the spot

Benfica miss an absolute sitter :man_facepalming:t2:

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Was nearly like he was complacent lining it up which was mad considering they’re 2 points behind Barca in the group. The BT Goals show is great. First time viewing it tonight.

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