Champions League Matchday 2 : 27-28 September 2011

Tie of the round tonight, Bayern vs City. No doubt, Real Madrid v Ajax will hold nostalgic values for some, and Valencia v Chelsea could throw up something of interest given Valencia’s start to the season, but the City Munchen game promises to be a cracker.

United vs Basel is and Tv3 have decided to show that match instead of Munich vs CIty. :clap:

Of course they did, they are cretinous imbeciles, much like the EPL’philes that inhabit this country.

Inter are 2 goals up in Russia after a little over 20 minutes.

Lucio and Pazzini the scorers, a lovely assist by Nagatomo for the second.

Badstuber is missing for Bayern tonight unfortunately. Casual observers of German football may be surprised to learn that Badstuber has improved considerably and has been very good for Bayern recently. Boateng and Van Buyten will probably play instead against their former club.

You’d fancy Dzeko, Aguero, Silva & co. to cause big problems for a defence with Van Buyten in it. Was actually reading an article today that Bayern have only conceded one goal in 11 matches this season (I think), fantastic record.

I think they’re nearly 600 minutes since their last concession. They’ve been playing very well but Badstuber is a big loss. Interesting to see what they do up front as well with Robben returning from injury. Mueller has been doing very well but may be shifted aside to make room for him.

Had a small speculative punt on a Napoli, Lyon, Man City +1 treble

City should have had a penalty early doors there, very poor from Van Buyten, as flagged earlier in the thread by Totti I believe. THere’s goals in this game.

FAO Rocko, as a seasoned watcher of German Football have you ever noticed how really, really ridiculously good-looking that Bayern team is?

Edinson Cavani puts Napoli 2-0 up from the penalty spot.

What a fooking man :clap:

Good call Louie, what does the odds come in at for the treble?

Thought Napoli might struggle tonight but that’s an excellent start for them.


Good match this in Munich. Kroos was very wasteful there. After City’s bright start Bayern are having more of the play but look far from assured defensively.

Napoli winning puts a bit of pressure on City if they lose here.

FFS. :rolleyes:

Ah he’s the exception that makes the rule. Plus I never like to let the opportunity use a Zoolander quote pass me by.

CIty pressuring Bayern very high up the field, the Germans giving up possession very easily on occasion. With Kun, Nasri and Silva around you have to think they’ll be punished if they keep that up.

Just shy of 4/1

That was some chance for Schweinsteiger. Horrible miss.

Ah thats shocking from Schweinsteiger.

Game of little incision and such, think it’s set up for Tevez to come in, his bustling and direct approach is likely to unsettle a ponderous looking Bayern centre of defence who are holding a deep line.

That was an even worse miss from Mueller but Gomez saves him this time. Bayern had begun to turn the screw with some sustained pressure - City can’t afford to let Bayern have the ball in that half constantly. Ribery has been class.

Famer’s favourite striker finds the net