Champions League Quarter Finals



[]Barcelona (Spain)
]Manchester United (England)
[]Lyon (France)
]Inter Milan (Italy)
[]Bordeaux (France)
]CSKA Moscow (Russia)
[]Arsenal (England)
]Bayern Munich (Germany)

Draw prediction:

Man Utd v Inter Milan
Arsenal v Lyon
CSKA Moscow v Bayern Munich
Bordeaux v Barcelona

I don’t think anybody would have predicted no Spanish club being in the last eight. I can’t look past Barcelona again this season as regards eventual winners.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 450464”]
I don’t think anybody would have predicted no Spanish club being in the last eight.[/quote]

That’s true - good job there is one then!

I’ll go for:

Arsenal v Inter Milan
Lyon v Barcelona
CSKA Moscow v Manchester United
Bordeaux v Bayern Munich

Does this mean the French League is better than the Spanish???

Barca v Lyon
Bayern v CSKA Moscow
Man Utd v Bordeaux
Inter v Arsenal

seems to be the logicial criteria for some around these parts.

Barca v Inter
Man Utd v Bordeaux
Arsenal v CSKA
Lyon v Bayern

Manchester United vs Arsenal
Bordeaux vs Lyon
Inter vs Bayern
CSKA Moscow vs Barcelona

Don’t care who Arsenal get as long as it’s not Man Utd, could not face seeing them beaten by them again. I’m going to go for:

Arsenal v Barcelona
Inter v Munchen
Bordeaux v Lyon
Man Utd v CSKA

It’s all a matter of opinion but I can’t see that being correct. If United are at home first I doubt it will be against Bordeaux.

Are the Germans usually tagged in the draw as FC Bayern or Bayern Munich / Munchen? I just need clarity on that before making any firm draw prediction.

I believe they’re FC Bayern on the slip of paper but not 100% sure on that.

Bayern Munich V Man Utd

Arsenal V Lyon

Barca V Bordeaux

Inter V CSKA Moscow

Semi final draw

Bayern/Man Utd V Barca/Bordeaux

Arsenal/Lyon V Inter/CSKA

Is this thread a wind up. Fellas predicting a draw?

Jesus lads. :rolleyes:

Easy to ridicule it but I correctly predicted 5 of the 8 last 16 ties in 2005.

very impressive stuff- i remember gettiung 3/4 in 07 but in fairness i did get the home team in the first leg wrong in two of those cases

Three from four is good going but I do think there was an element of luck about it. You haven’t got close to that since which suggests I might be right!

Barca- United
Lyon- Arsenal
Bordeaux- Inter
Cska- Fc Bayern

we’ll see about that- predicting the draw isnt a game of chance

Bayern Munich V CSKA

Arsenal V Manchester

Barca V Bordeaux

Inter V O Lyon

dunph- close this thread

bulshitter. you cant get 3 out of 4 right, the 4th would also have to be correct :rolleyes:


what i actually said was that i got 75% out of 7 a few years back :rolleyes: