Charlie Adam

I remember been at Celtic V Rangers in 2005 i think and this guy was miles off the pace. Now all of a sudden he’s one of the most coveted players in the premiership. A friend of mine was at Manchester City v Blackpool a few weeks ago and said Adam was the best player on the pitch by a mile. Where in the name of god has Adam produced this form from?

What age was he then Jimmy… there might be a clue in that but who knows

The two best midfielders by a street in the EPL, Ferguson and Adam, are SPL rejects.

Conversely Roy Keane, apparently the best EPL midfielder of his generation, was an abject failure at Celtic.

Basically James29, the standard in the SPL is much higher than the EPL.

I think he’s 27 now so that would have met him 22, showed nothing in that game, most improved player i have seen in ages. Rangers obviously did’nt think much of him either because they got rid of him for 500k, what a mistake by Walter Smith.

I would’nt call Ferguson an SPL reject, absolute top player in my opinion though and a celtic fan told me on holidays that he’s a nice bloke too as hard as i find that to believe. Can’t believe why Liverpool don’t move for Ferguson, some improvment from Lucas and Poulsen he would be.

He just turned 25… so he 20 then and just breaking through.

I’d be chuffed if Liverpool signed him. Cost effective playmakers are a rarity and Liverpool are horribly lacking there. He’s also very enjoyable to watch, his vision and his touch have been sublime so far this season.

Isn’t he the guy who got into a barney over slagging off the Fenian dead of Dunblane?

I think this had more to do with him leaving Greyskull than anything?

*- If not you- sorry Cathal

Surprising decision by Charlie Adam to join the PDC but I wish him luck nonetheless.