Chartered Accountants Ireland

We used to call them Banana pickers

Whats the difference between the Chartered Qualification and say something like the ACCA Qualification (or are they the same thing or just a different awarding body?). And yes I’m sure all you accountants find this query amusing.


Ah for fuck’s sake Mac.

Main differences are:

  • approx 40k per annum
  • aprox 150-200 points in the Leaving Cert.

What are the different type of Accountancy Qualifications available - ACCA, CIMA etc.? And how do they all differ from each other?

ACA is all you need to know. It’s probably beyond you though at this stage.

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Last time I try to ask a serious question on this board so :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was Shane Ross who described the institute of Chartered accountants as navel gazing,self satisfied citizens of middle Ireland and that the qualification reepresents dull respectability on CV’s.

I agree with the first assertion but not the second.It must be one of the hardest qualifiactions to attain.
The main difference I understand between ACA and ACCA is that those who hold the latter cannot sign off on a set of accounts.ACCA is more tailored towards industry and ACA towards practice.

The ACA is actually a money making racket run by absolute jokeshop who move the goalposts and make up the rules as they go along.

Depending on what mood takes them they cull a significant number of trainees without a second thought.I’m in the middle of my contract at the moment and if I was to do it all again there is not a prayer I’d put myself through it.

CIMA is management accountancy which again involves working in industry and IATI is Tax.CPA is some new chartered accountancy qualification.Heard the ACA on the radio whoring themselves about some elevation programme that they are launching which I’m unfamiliar with.

Don’t think it’s that hard to attain Whiplash relative to law or tax exams I’d have said. It is a money making racket alright. I’ve refused to pay fees thusfar (out of contract for 2 and a half years) on a point of principle but now need a piece of paper to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa for Oz. In fairness, although I owe 2,200 they are going to take into account my period travelling/unemployed and potentially reduce that. They must be mad to get some cash in to fund their swanky new building. The drop in pass rates for exams is very harsh alright.

whats the story with that gimp on the radio talking about how the ‘friend got the job while you were off travelling the world, what did they do, oh yeah, chartered accountancy’. He sounds like a right smug git. Are all chartered accountants smug gits?

There are two types of accountants in the world my friend, chartered accountnats and those that wish they were chartered accountants.


Well said, CCHA.

I often say, ‘There are two types of football follower - one who appreciates Zlatan and one who doesn’t understand football to begin with’.

Similarly, there are two types of accountant - ACA qualified ones and those who don’t understand and appreciate the nobel profession.

That is a pretty goddam lame post.

Its in the training.

Don’t think they train them to cheat people though, they came up with that all on their own.

You couldn’t meet a truer or fairer bunch of people than accountants.

appears reasonable.

I’m breaking my arse here laughing at you. :smiley:

Quite right, I’m a fellow of the institute now.

Quite right. And the Limerick trained Chartered Accountant is probably the pinnacle
of the profession in Ireland. Quality training.