Chavez v Duddy

Any views on this imminent fight? Chavez hasn’t a bad chin but he’s met alot of cab drivers in his fights so far. Chavez is not his father and Duddy is probably the best he’s met. These two ‘C’ fighters could slug it out in an entertaining fight but I expect outsider Duddy to rise to the occasion and get the win on points.

Duddy will be looking for a cab driving gig himself , if he dosent win this .

Should we be taking the 5/2 on offer, Atticus?

Im no boxing expert SS , but Irish john spends a lot of time around pubs & such , PM Massey , he`l set you straight about the fight .

i wouldnt waste anything on duddy SS id be shocked if he wins this,ditto what atticus said

Duddy is a bum, no style no real ability, just a brawler and has only gotten as far has he has due to his big following…Ran a mile when Andy Lee wanted to end his career

The days of the big following are gone ,he was a real moneyspinner for the 2 brothers , no problem rounding up a few thousand paddys for a night in the garden or nokia . Bagpipers , Tricolours , ole ole ole ole , fighting some hayseed from the midwest , CHING CHING .

bit harsh there puke he made hay while the sun shone,it cant always be spring,moores finished,duddys proably finished come saturday night and im afraid lee will be finished by xmas leaving us with no contenders


[size=“5”] BIG BANG[/size] could i have forgotten willie,forgiviness please


Matthew Macklin!!!

hes english ffs

English born to Irish parentage and claims himself as Irish…I am a big fan of his and will continue to claim him as a son of Ireland til he gets hammered, then the brits can have him

I thought you of all people would have understood how this diaspora shite works massey

He’s as Irish as Andy Lee

exactly runt

joke puke, sure lees a cockney isnt he

Macklin will be eligible for an Irish certificate when Mee-Hall Martin brings it in.

I’d have thought his passion for Tipperary hurling might have turned you off him Puke.

Not at all sure ourselves and Tipp have plenty in common in recent times sure…Both have the same amount of senior A/I’s the last 20 years sure

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Duddy is a far superior boxer than that bum Lee, Duddy would finish the no-mark inside 4 rounds.