Childhood crushes

I really liked Melissa Joan Hart in her Sabrina the teenage witch days. I remember summers watching that show on Nickelodeon. Its great to reminisce to those great days. :wink:

Reminisce? Ahem…

April O’Neill, I don’t care if she was only a cartoon

The babysitter in the Olsen Twin’s show Two of a Kind.

Ahem…Theresa Lowe from Where in the World. I know, I know! She was with Frank McNamara so I’d no chance. How would I have competed with a bespectacled genius like that

Mary from Anything Goes. A Kilkenny woman too…

“…and all you need here is a dab of glue…”

a girl around the corner from me, who was in my class. Fooked if I’m naming names. Ah the memories.

i second that motion…

anyone remember the 2 blonde twins from sweet valley high and the black hair one from saved by the bell (kelly i think)

Lousie Nurding was a nice bit of stuff in her early Eternal days.

That was Kelly alright. Tiffany Amber Thiessen I think she was played by?

Beverly Hills 90210 used to produce a collection of savage women. I couldnt even tell you what the show was about except that they had some savage blonde women!

Mine was Charlene Robinson (nee Ramsay). Charlene, why did you go off to Brisbane with Scott Robinson? Why? I was a big Saved By The Bell man - it used to be on that channel called ‘Trouble’ in the evening after school. Kelly Kopowski, Lisa Turtle and Jessie (can’t remember her surname but she ended up getting her Manchester Citys out in that film Showgirls). There were others too. I loved all the half decent Home and Away birds of that era - Chloe, Angel, Sophie and even that skank Selina and her chewing gum.

What about Shannon Bandage?? Thought she was gorgeous until I heard Ali G knocked her up.

Chloe was a ride, better than Mattie IMO. I’ll go as far as to say she was the creme de la creme of totty on H&A

How could I have forgotten Shannon? She was and still is class. She was looking superb in that Wedding Crashers film a year or two back.

I know the one. Fine bit of stuff, I wasn’t exactly a child when that was on though and if had met her I could have forced myself on her.

Shannon? The bird married to Ali G?

Roo was nice too

Nah-Selena went off my list when she did the deed with the gimp Steven. Sophie was a cracker but when she came back years later…yikes!!

Too chubby Locke. Plus would you have liked Alf as your Da in Law. Stone the flamin crows, no thanks

Just remembered Rebecca (the first actress that played her). Long blond curly hair and one seriously fit body.

She was tubby but think about it. She was in her early 20’s at the time. I looked at my first passport and I was a chubby guy back then when the ale and the lager flowed freely into my gut. Now I’m a bit more streamlined. Think about when Roy Keane was with Forest or went to Manyoo and then how he leaned up in the early 00’s. I reckon Roo would be in the same category. Plus she had a pout on her that would put Posh Spice in the shade, great set of smackers on her. To have Alf as your FIL would be cool too. A Pop in law that likes a pint is a good guy to know… plus he’d be full of yarns. Could we get a pic up and let the people decide…