Christmas Party Vote for When

Vote for the Christmas Party timing. We’ll work out the venue and exact date afterwards so for the moment only interested in the day of the week.

Think I’ve covered most of the options.

For the sake of 5 more mins you could have put up the 21 (With xmas out, 6th out and of course the 21st as Farmer’s crowd are partying that night) or so available dates in Dec…

It is quite possibloe that none of those options are suitable for some members of the forum.

I could only fit 12 in the script that we use so that’s the limit. I suppose if you vote “Any Thursday” for example but can’t make Thursday 20th then specify it here.

Once we get a day of the week sorted or the type of day (midweek vs weekend) then we can do a poll for those days individually.

Don’t want a Sunday. If it’s on a Sunday I won’t turn up and it will be a disaster for your sponsors

It’s ok for Juhniallio who doesn’t have to get up for nine the next day followed by four more days of having to get up at nine

I voted for any day in the week before Christmas but I’m very much willing to go with the vote. I’m ruled out of a couple of Thursdays (6th/13th firm-wide/section Christmas parties) and I might have to be in Wexford one weekend too but I’ll see what the ballot papers tell us before making any definitive plans.

No value in Wexford Bandage, the best thing is Wexford is the Stena Line to Wales!