City Breaks


Well that’s an option too but I was talking about a different hotel, actually called the Madison. It’s between the Bot and city centre. Nice area


Radisson Blu or Park Inn by Radisson?


Blu I think.


Anyone been to Lisbon before? I’m heading there in a few weeks for 3 nights midweek. Any recommendations?


Brilliant city.

Barrio Alto is best for nightlife. It doesn’t get going till around midnight however so if you walk through the lane-ways there during the day - absolutely nothing is open.

For food, look up the Decadente restaurant.

Also make sure you go to the Time Out Market across from Cais de Sodre train station.

Basically don’t do what many Paddies do when they go to Lisbon on an early flight and end up passed out at 11pm. Eat later than normal and drink later too.


I’ve just seen you said you are there midweek. Nightlife will be quieter but still worth checking out Barrio Alto. I think there might be more live music/student crowd midweek


Best place to stay in Lisbon boys? Heading over in July for 4 nights.


As long as you are close to the Metro line you can’t go too far wrong. Very easy city to get around


Anywhere near the Barrio Alto.


Off to Barcelona tomorrow week. Any recommendations for dining out?


Jaysus you didn’t leave Coogee for 6 years and look at you.


Not correct I think I was in terrigal three times and jervis bay around 15 times


Have a big lunch. You’ll be so off your tits for the rest of the trip you’ll have no appetite for food.


Wouldn’t that be great, one major nagging problem with that


There was a great restaurant called San Telmo there before - unreal steaks. Not sure if still open.


If you’re near urgell metro try restaurant zian. They used to do great duck and suckling pig


Can you not leave her at home?


A fella who was on a trip there with us got a blow job from an African lady for €2 in a side street off Las Ramblas


It’s true what they say we really are getting ripped off at home.


That’s bullshit anyway. You’d probably get one for 20 alright.