City Breaks


He swore that’s all he gave her, it was literally all he had in his pocket at the time.


Nope, never happened.


Nobody here has got more blowjobs off diseased skanks in back alleys than you mate (while you have the wife keep sketch) so I’d say you’re on the ball here. Most lads wouldn’t have a clue what price a desperate African immigrant would lower herself to for a cheap Mick.


San Francisco or San Jose? I’m thinking about visiting the Bay Area at the end of the month and was wondering which of these two cities forumites would recommend, bearing in mind that I have visited SF before and done the touristy things, Alcatraz, Golden Gate, Cable Car etc. Surprised to learn that San Jose is bigger than San Fran.


Do you know the way?

San Jose is a business centre so not much to see or do as a visitor tot the city.

Head down the coast to Monterray and to Carmel where Clint Eastwood was famously Mayor. Or head north to wine country?


I worked in San Jose for a year and it’s a souless kip. You’d have a better weekend in Portlaoise.


Been to Monterey and stayed in Clints ranch in Carmel. . What’s Palo Alto like?


Mission District seems to be the hip place in San Fran.
Pride was great fun by all accounts but you have missed it.


I’ll be in Berlin next week to take in the U2 Joshua Tree tour. Staying in Mitte area. Any bars or restaurants recommended or indeed techno/sex clubs


Basically one street. Lovely place but Not much to see or do there. Millionaire Lads in 50s in shirts and shorts or chinos are everywhere.

Sort of place you would see if passing it. A stop on way somewhere more interesting.


Katerblau is fucking brilliant. Berghain was closed the last time I was there (the only weekend of the year it is closed FFS) but it is the techno/hipster mecca and reportedly hardest club in the world to get into - will test your renowned dress sense. Didn’t like Waterfront or watergate (forget name) so much. Kit Kat club for industrial techno and S&M. Haven’t been but have heard stories, I reckon I’d be a bit too vanilla for it. All of them will tape over your camera on your phone because they are that cool.

In summary, Kit Kat for a look if you’re feeling brave, Berghain if you can get in, Katerblau as your back up.


Where’s the concert on, the Olympic Stadium?


He’ll have to pack the yellow slacks and the slip ons I reckon.




Leather yellow slacks


Make sure you take a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma


They do a lovely pint of Heineken in the Kilkenny and a lovely rasher sandwich in the Oscar Wilde. The Oirish bar in the Europa centre was the scene of a seminal tfk moment
Cc @Bandage


With the arse cheeks showing


I’d a savage pint bottle in the Kilkenny on my way to euro 2012. Loads of Irish in there ''twas unreal so it was. Like being in Ireland, but in different country.


Berlin is class. You can’t go wrong just walking around. History everywhere, cheap beer and Bratwurst. Heaven