City Breaks


Zoolander would fit in well in Berghain alright, wall to wall with, arse bandits banging the arse off each other, they used to have a basement section in there, jesus christ you wouldn’t believe the carry on in there


Not a city but I’d recommend Padstow in Cornwall for anyone seeking a civilised and sedate two or three day break. Beautiful fishing village with multiple ating options and absolutely no riff raff. Easily accessible from Ireland and very affordable with the declining value of sterling.


Did you go to Rick Steins?


Stayed in Rick Steins and ate in 3 of his restaurants all of which were very good. The breakfasts are amazing. I’m just after a feed of cod and mushrooms.


He owns half the town, a great spot indeed. Cornwall is a great place, you’d be unlucky to get a bad meal anywhere.
Thinking of going back there next summer for a couple of weeks.


Did you fly to Bristol?




That’s very handy


Very handy. I might add that the Cornish people are very very nice.


Was in St Ives and Penzance few years ago. Great spots and beaches. Coastline reminded me very much of west Kerry.


I’m thinking of going there as well. Did you rent a car? Is it a bit like Dingle/Kerry?


Did you meet a man with seven wives on the way?


He was in Penzance as well mate, could you not have incorporated a pirate into your quip?


Arrrrgggghhh it would have been forcing it


Hearty breakfast?


fuck that’s a clamping


No it’s more like the more prosperous lands of East Cork and West Waterford.


Many Tories knocking around?


Cornwall was traditionally Liberal but it felt like I was amongst Tories.