City Breaks


Oh yeah and I rented a car. The villages are very tight for driving around though and parking was at a premium. If I was just going to Padstow and not travelling from there a bus or a taxi would be a better bet.


Agreed, with quiet an independent streak to them. I had the pleasure of a weeks camping there a few years back.
There is also a tradition of hurling with an annual event played there annually.
The Eden project is a must see, a wonderful day out.


Have they nice ales and beer there?


they have serious cider down there


Yes they do. The St Austell brewery makes some lovely ales.


I visited the Eden project. Very impressive. But if I was going again I’d go when the schools weren’t on holiday as it was full of kids and their earnest parents.


Wouldn’t it be full of school tours during term-time?


Pretty sure he was more offended by the parents mate, cheek of them.




I’m thinking of going to Seville for a city break in October/November. Have any of you been? Would you recommend?


Yes definitely. Good time of year to visit weather-wise.


Spent 3-4 days there in 2013 in August. Too warm at that time of year but a lovely city. Would recommend it alright.


I’m going end of September so will give you a report when I’m back


Happy to report that this would be a top top idea @Bandage. Just back and had a smashing break there. Great city, very vibrant, easy to get around, cheap, warm - still in high 20’s - and fucking fantastic food

Do it


Lovely. Heading for 3 nights towards the end of this month. Feel free to provide some more recommendations if you get an urge.


To be honest we’re all about the food, so we spent mostly rambling around and grabbing a beer and tapas here and there and falling across places to see.

El Pinton. Absolutely fucking gorgeous. Get all the things. They do a tempura egg yolk with truffle dish that was epic. Just get it
Eslava - spendy but lovely as well. You’d need to book this if you want to really impress your life partner
Duo Tapas - Up around Alameda de Hercules (a big square) is great. Loads of bars up there that are dirt cheap as well
El Rinconcillo - old tapas place, but lovely for a locals vibe
Bodega Santa Cruz - same

Go the Plaza Espana early before it gets too hot and busy - thought mightn’t be when you go. Grand for a stroll. Alcazar is a good half day, but I’ll warn you - there’s a load of Game of Thrones fans around there because they filmed some Dorne scenes there, so you know, you’ll be mingling with them. But it’s lovely

Did the bullring tour - meh. Grand but only cos we were wandering around.

We found a lovely old private palace place that was nice, but can’t fucking remember the name of it


Super. Thanks, pal.


So you just walked around someone’s gaff ?


It was a private palace that’s now open to the public. Free to EU citizens of a Monday

But yeah, we just walked around the gaf


Supposed to be going to Barcelona weekend after next. What are the odds of it being under military occupation I wonder.