City Breaks


Seville is awesome. You will love it. Aresboxin seems to have a deeper appreciation for the place but its just a great spot.

Perfect size city


Friend of mine there right now, working with Barca. Sending out videos from stadium and training ground and hotel.
Alot of tapping going on. Kinda hunger strike stuff


:astonished: I was in el pinton, Eslava and El Rinconcillo this week. I can double down on this recommendation. El pinton in particular.


I was the pig licking the bowl of eggy truffle stuff in El Pinton, if that rings a bell


im taking the wife to Ljubliana there for a weekend in november
anyone ever been?
obviously ill take her to the local football ground on the saturday evening as i sussed out Olimpija were playing … she dosent know that yet… anyway… it looks ok in photos, is it a nice spot?


Nice spot yeah


Typical Central European city. Nice old town. I was there a couple of years back after a drive up from Tuscany in 35 degree heat so didn’t hang around in the evening for too long. But it is nice enough.


I take it that Eslava and El Pinton are your two top restaurant recommendations and the former requires a reservation?

Anything else worth doing / seeing?

cc @fistoffury.


You’ll have to walk to the top of the of the bell tower in the Cathedral, mate … lovely views but a lot of steps… It will help work up an appetite. I’ll even share a little story of the time I was there with you … it was quite a warm Autumn day by Irish standards, perhaps 25 degrees, and I was walking back down the the steps to the ground floor - I had really only commenced the descent and had taken maybe 15/20 steps down when I heard an American lady, in a typical whiny American accent, asking ‘how long more’ to her husband … as I turned the corner I could see she was a large lady and I started counting out loud as I took each step, 'three-hundred and one, three-hundred and two, three-hundred and three … and she let out a ’ for fuck sake Richard, I’m not going any further …


I’m such a prankster — A mad bastard even, ROFL.


Very, very, very funny story but I don’t ever recall being in Seville before, least of all with you.

I do like a good climb up to the top of a cathedral or bell tower on a city break or holiday though.


El pinton was better imo. We reserved eslava but probably didn’t need to. If you want something authentic head to el rinconcillo for lunch.

Did a guided walking tour of the alcazaar and cathedral. Would recommend both. There is a serious amount of detail particularly in the cathedral that you could miss.

Only stayed two days before heading down the coast. So no time for anything else.

I have further restaurant recommendations from a local/colleague if you want them


Fyi its a ramp


Lovely. Sure throw up the other recommendations if you get a chance please.


As well as what I’ve already told you, do the Cathedral - worth going up the tower alright. I’ve wonderful snaps of Seville from up there

Also, just ramble around. It’s a great place to wander around with your life partner on your arm, stopping here and there for a drink or an ice cream and popping into a jewelers or two to see if the rings are nice, y’know?


Couldn’t you get wonderful snaps of Seville off the Internet without having to climb up a tower to get them?


You could indeed.

But not ones taken by me


Can email


Very very very romantic earlier when I got my life partner to row me around Plaza de Espana.


I hope it was under 5k?


@Fagan_ODowd can you recommend a nice hotel in Paris for February. to the best of my knowledge iv never set foot in the place

Ill be bringing a bird and ill be looking to impress her for a couple of nights