City Breaks


I usually stay near the Pantheon and I have found Hotel Dames de Pantheon very nice.


see @Mac

that’s how things should be done


Maybe ask @Fagan_ODowd all your inane fucking questions then






Sound man.

What room no. do you normally stay in?



I generally ask for a room with a view of the Pantheon


We are off to Prague for 4 days in mid January. I have not been there since 2004. Hotel in middle of old town, walking distance of everywhere.

Anyone been there recently?


I was there last year. They’ve built a huge castle on the hill since you were last there


Was it looking down on you?


You’d have to give the name of the hotel for a definitive answer either way from posters.


@HBV is going with a “bird” but he’s staying with mummy.


I was there in1991.


Skoda is a very popular car brand in Czechoslovakia.




Yes. I was there this year, not with @TreatyStones


In Berlin here on a tour bus. Bunch of roasters Who think they are hilarious have just got on.


Ye all heading to the Kilkenny for a few mate?


He’ll be going to Berghain.