City Breaks


A sectarian, bigot and racist.

The dots join up


You’ve lost me.


You are from small town Tyrone.

Sit down bitch.


I’m Italian.


I thought it was from Armagh but supported Tyrone?


When was the last time you were in Birmingham?


Probably around as long as the last time he was in Italy


Has it changed to the degree Sheffield has?


In the process. Loads of building work going on at the moment in the centre. HS2 and HSBC moving up will do wonders for the city. You then have places like the jewellery quarter where lots of old factories are being turned into apartments and lots of small independent restaurants and bars are opening and Digbeth which is a bit rough round the edges but has some really cool things going on. You’ve the Old Crown in digbeth which is the oldest building in Birmingham. It’s run by an Irish family. They’ve really been driving stuff down there.


Last year. Ironically enough last Paddy’s weekend when I was at Cheltenham.


Probably stuck in O’Neills in Broad St then. I’d describe broad st as a hovel


Nope I was all over. 3 days I spent in that cesspit.


Where’d you head? There’s a cracking Italian just outside the city owned by Pavarotti’s old chef.


I’ll be there Thursday evening. Anywhere casual enough you would recommend to eat ?


We were in Broad Street and Mailbox mainly.


On Cheltenham week those places would be horrendous.


They looked horrendous anyway. Very quiet the first two nights out over there.


You staying in the city centre? There’s a grand tapas place upstairs in Grand Central. There’s also a really nice Indian street food place called Indian Streetery just off New Street on Bennett’s Hill.


Yea I’d rarely go to Broad Street. Mailbox has one or two decent places but tends to be full of prententious people.


Where else is there? They seemed to be the only suggestions for any sort of nightlife the time we were over. You were patted down entering nearly every spot on Broad St. All women were having their handbags checked, apparently there’s a big gang culture over there.

Birmingham just spelt Broken Britain to me.