City Breaks


I’m headed into didsbury, well west didsbury for a couple of crafty largery slops.
I’ll be in the wine and Wallop dead opposite the west didsbury tram stop (on the east didsbury line) in about 15 mins. Hop on the tram if you’re at a loose end.


Plenty of dour Pakistanis too.


Will you be in the biker gear or the Lycra?


Bit of both.


A Friday night in Manchester is a good result in my book. Not exotic but fun


I’ve left the press club in broad daylight on more than one occasion.


@Fagan_ODowd The time is drawing closer. I’ll be off to Dunmore east on Friday for a few days. I need some info.
1 Where are those cliff jumps you post pics of?
2 What pub is good for a few pints and food?
3 What pub should we hunker down in the night after the wedding(monday)?
4 Any suggestions for young kids activities ( I realise this is not your usual are of expertise…)
5 Pub for watching sport rugby/football of a saturday.

Many thanks in advance. Hope you’re not still not posting.


I think The Strand Inn is the answer to all those questions. Dunmore East is not a big place.


Booked Rome there towards the end of June for 4 nights this evening.

Havent been before, looking forward to it.


great city


Mind yourself over there. Tis falling asunder at the moment.


Last week in June we should be okay pal, fingers crossed.


Go to the trastevere area at night time.

The days will look after themselves as long as you are walking