CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


This is brilliant, some fantastic anecdotes here for those not do in the know, beautiful


Imagine the war now if the MOTM didn’t turn up :grinning:


This year’s football champions won’t be co-operating with RTÉ.


Its already been dealt with by the GAA. If Tyrone win, SKY will be doing the MOTM from the hotel. They will cut into the La Liga game to do the presentation of the crystal.


You’re second sentence is spot on there Kevin (rest of the post v good too)


Fintona-born former Antrim footballer Gerry Armstrong, a double Ulster U-21 medallist and All-Ireland finalist, would be a lovely conduit between the two programmes.


Most of the Tipp panel from the late 80s were up in Oranmore last night.


Just shows the esteem the man was held in. Must of been a massive crowd there?


15000 past through yesterday alone.


Thought TSG would do a little more of a montage for T.K today, they must have something bigger organised for AI day.

Can only imagine the crowds today. The family must be wrecked from the weekend. :slightly_frowning_face: It’s not easy but people need to pass on the respects.


In fairness to Today FM they have a lovely video tribute to Tony from the Interview with Caul Pollins. Worth a watch for those on Bookface or Today FM website. Hard to believe he’s gone.


It’s on YouTube too Har. Saw it this evening.


Backhanded compliment here from Brennan. Wrong thread.


On the 6th min of this years All Ireland Senior Hurling final; join us in applauses for the late & great Tony Keady. #number6 #RIPTony



I have absolutely no idea why thats showing up in Russian, but anyways, its a link to a Galway All Ireland song. I promise. Really.


Might have sounded better if the song was in Russian too. Its brutal.


Shocking. Video is nice though.



You’d think one of the papers would go to Attymon and interview his old club mates and write a proper article, instead of regurgitating the same old material. The man deserves a book.