CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


This sixth minute clapping is bollox. It’s an AIF ffs.
A respectful minutes silence at the start is an honorable way of remembering the great half back and man.
It’s a snowflakes world.
I blame lady Di.


I hope that doesn’t happen. That’s some load of bollox.

Why did he retire from inter county hurling so young?


It’ll happen. The blueshirt wing of the snowflake twitterarmy will ensure it does. You’ll be outed as an uncaring neanderthal if you don’t join in. Best to be seen shedding a tear also.
He was, by all accounts, an absolute gentleman, though I never had the pleasure of meeting him.


That is a standard orbituary to be fair . I would think it is still a bit early for the type of article you envisage. It is first and foremost an awful tragedy for his young children and wife .


Standard in that shite British soccer maybe, no place for it in Gaa, a mins silence before throw in is the way rondo it


Was left on bench in 93 and that was the end of him. It was full duck or no dinner in his eyes.


Cyril dropped him? Who replaced him?


In truth, nobody did.

Gerry Mac played 6 in 93/94.
Cathal Moore then…
Nigel Shox
Liam Hodgins
the list goes on…

we’ve had some mismash of numbers 6’s since. Some decent, some terrible.


There was a piece in the Irish Times about a year ago that went through the full list of personnel that had filled the Numbers 3 & 6 jerseys in Champiomship hurling since 1988. The amount of chopping and changing beggared belief.


Yeah, crazy stuff. Some amount of decent fellas cast aside in the past 2 decades.

There was always a perception there was better lads coming off the conveyor belt so if someone didn’t work out then someone else slotted in and rinse and repeat.

Change in management didn’t help of course. Noel Lane should never have been let go after his brief stint. On the flip side we learned from this and ended up keeping other fellas too long… Macintyre for example.


A 6 is a funny position . Many in Tipp still say they never adequately replaced Mick Roche .


It’s standard in British soccer as, at British clubs like manyoo, Chelsea, Millwall, celtic etc, the crowd can’t be trusted to respect a minutes silence, so they have to clap instead. It is a nice fact that at most Irish sporting events, a minutes silence can still be held as it will be respected.
Why Ireland has to ape the worst aspects of British chav culture is beyond me.


Half an hour was too long of that lad.


Why Irish people feel the need to have a dig at British people over a simple and respectful minute’s applause for somebody is beyond me.

It smacks of a dreadful inferiority complex.


You’re flailing here Sidney.


Very weak response.

Inferior, one could say.


Cyril was gone at that stage.


Jarlath Cloonan was manager in 93


some savage stuff on tg4 here. enjoy lads


Poor visualisation, no game plan, sloppy finishing, very hesitant, lucky.

Still very unconvinced.

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