CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Depends. I need to actually get a job, and herself needs the prospect of a bit of work, but hopefully.


What does she do? The TFK fraternity will get this sorted for you


That’d be telling.



Kim Jong has the same haircut as Philly McMahon had last Sunday


Off to the lookalikes thread Ray.


Anthony Cunningham is rumoured to be on the Gilroy ticket for the Dublin hurlers. Players were right about the soup taking treacherous gnat. cc @Nembo_Kid


This seems to be a done deal Can he coach or is he more the manager type?.


He brought Galway on a good bit in fairness. His record suggests there’ll be an ambush or two. Things will go stale after a couple of years. Surprised he’s taken a support role to be honest.


He’ll get more doing a support role in Dublin than he would a lead role anywhere else


AC is not a coach.


Mercenary behaviour? The players wanted medals. cc @Nembo_Kid, players vindicated.


That’s what I had heard. Maybe he is going to be just a selector.

There could be another schemozzle in Fenway Park in November!


On my way from Loughrea to Ballinsloe on the old rd.
Whoever was selling the Galway coloured bunting & flags must be a millionaire.

He’ll make good few next time ye make a final if ye don’t take gear down.


Cappataggle Gaa & businesses didn’t leave the side down.


See if this still up in Beslow.


Banlashlow. The Tipp lads would feel at home there this weekend.


I lived in beeshlow for a year. Odd place but enjoyed it.


Ha ha that’s what he’s at. Scoping surrounding areas.


Correct. More of a hearse…