CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


A beautiful memento guys


There was a time when every home worth it’s salt had a photo of a successful hurling team on a wall.

This is a beautiful gift for any Irish person.


200 euro. Ffs sake. And people starving.


The 1986 League winning Laois Football Team sits proudly alongside the 2003 Leinster winning Laois Football team in my folks front hallway.


A 29 year hunger was ended , €200 is a small price for any Galway business to pony up :sunglasses:


You would have been happy to pay it before the final. Aten bread etc…




Dumb bastards have managed to spell both the Leinster and All Ireland trophies incorrectly in their sales pitch. I’m not buying the picture now.


Tex Callaghan :joy:


I wonder would Tex do a few flyers? Give him a ring there.


No I’ll tex him


My suspicion is you wouldn’t have bought it anyway.


Menlo’s finest


I believe the Turloughmore/Portumna spat was up before the DRA tonight.


Their match v castle is fixed for sat eve in athenry


Portumna through…tourlough didn’t even get to put their side of the story forward.joke of a decision


what was their side? Was this not a case of a player getting a transfer to America and then didnt go and played for the club when he was supposed to be in America?


County board put the application in a week earlier


Galway are quite happy to inflict a Keady affair type scenario on their own, it would appear.


Jokeshop stuff again