CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Did you make the guest list for the 21st?


I’d have no business there mate


These lads got beaten by the Mayo champs today. That’ll bring a halt to the celebrations anyway.


Crikey. Fifi must have proved a little taxing.
The standard of junior hurling is far higher over the past few years, which, I’d imagine pushes up to intermediate, if not senior.
Problem with the junior is that the bigger clubs will always have a few lads good enough to play on the higher teams, who move away or have kids, and are then dragged out for the juniors, and are really too good for that level.


Galway county team has got stronger but the club teams have got weaker. Galway champs be hammered by cuala,etc.


No sure about that . Just there is no outstanding team in Galway anymore . A lot of middling teams at present . Limerick and Dublin have each one outstanding team now . At this stage there is no other teams at that level . Maybe Ballygunner can step up to that level .

Galway currently have a lot of clubs capable of producing 1- 2 players of good IC standard .


Same in 87, 88. Representation of the county team was spread across a number of clubs with a maximum of two from any one club. Someone will probably prove me wrong, but I think I’m correct with the starting 15 for the 87,88 and this year.


Michael Coleman at midfield in 1988 after Steve
Mahon retired after 1987.


Liam Mellows into final. Gort v Craughwell draw.


What are mellows like?


Alcoholics to a man


They are a nice outfit though @Lazarus, when the ground slows up heading into the Xmas its easy hide the effect of the lush.


What part of the city are Mellowes from ?


That’s a very good question.

@flattythehurdler might be best placed to field this accurately


John Lee still play?


Galway’s champions aren’t the power they used to be but their IC team is No 1 . Any views ?


Mellows last in a final in 1970, which they won.


They stopped hating each other for a while, reference Meath football in the late 80’s.


Standard of club hurling is largely irrelevant to senior intercounty. Galway is still probably one of the strongest Championships overall


In the 1980s when Galway had their best IC teams in history, there were 8 or 9 club winners in a decade, and most of the winners didn’t do well in the AI club championship. A dominant club team appears to upset the karma within the IC setup.