CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Average in an undefeated league, leinster and all Ireland winning side.


Oh dear. Undefeated eh?


In meaningful games.
You are really stretching here.


He didn’t have much to do as Ambrose says. Good distributor but he wasn’t tested all year. Even Tipp withdrew a forward so he effectively had no one to mark all year.


Ah here. It meant something at the time and your statement is wrong.


You’re right. I’d say galway are gutted.


It certainly spurted them onto greater things.

You’re welcome


You said they were undefeated. They weren’t. Get over it.


Oh fuck off.


You’re making a show of yourself here. You made a mistake on the internet and must suffer the consequences.


I suppose you’re right.


Let them off. It’s noteworthy that Wexicans believe their contribution to the hurling year was giving Galway a kick up the arse which resulted in an AI win. We’ll take it.


You’re a simple crowd


The hopeless cunts nearly cost us the all ireland with their pathetic effort in the leinster final leaving us totally untested for tipp. Thankfully we have the best player in the game and he was able to drag us through.


He was well rested anyway, hardly needed in the LF.


One win in 30 years and they’ve invented hurling all over again after Clare invented it in 95. Their infighting will be great to watch when the wheels fall off of the wagon again.


Two soft all irelands won in 2010 and 2016 due solely to injuries and the tipp lads thought they were on for 5 in a row both times :rofl:


That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve read in ages, a most excellent self parody.
How’s the two in a row celebrations going?


Tipperary have been an outstanding side, just on occasion didn’t, possibly wisely, decide to put their entire lives on hold.
The tipp team of 2009/10, and that of 15-17 graced the game, and stand with the very best.


Sober up mate, outstanding my hole.
The 09/10 team could never beat the Cats, until the one day when Shefflin went off and they had several other injuries (Walsh, Tennyson). The 15/17 team could never beat Galway, except the day we lost Joe and Tuohy to injury.
Good but not great.