CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


The bae-sht is our new football captain



The Baysht has goaled after 20 seconds in Tuam.


1-1 to no score to Galway. Playing into a gale


Varley in for mchugh only change…


Massive free landed from Shane Walsh filled by some excellent play from the same player that should have resulted in another goal


Tyrone running away with themselves. Filthy… Pussy stuff…

Ref does not have a hold on this at all…

Red card for Tyrone… Didn’t think he’d give it


We’re back scans


Hon Miltown :joy:


ruh roh



  • beside their all Ireland for financial doping


I’d suggest money has disappeared rather than appeared.


Fierce windy up around Balinasloe at times, I assume the money just blew away. The prevailing SW windy would have blown it towards south Roscommon maybe…


€4000 fine today will have lads sweating bullets.


We are going to dismantle you tyre bating gym monkeys come Sunday - You agricultural looking cunts.


I hope so pal, you’d want your head examined to be wasting energy up in 1A


This is very true, pal… you can build nicely in 1b and still get 2-3 very good games before championship.


Blood some younger guys away from the limelight, let the more established players recuperate early then get some good physical prep done. Then still go and win the damn thing!


Yup - Sunday will be a good workout for both teams - then they have a quarter to build on against another good side…The likes of Clare and Wexford have been doing 40 sessions a month since November… fucking madness.

But still, we are going to hammer 10 shades of shite out of you cunts come Sunday.