CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


This is the kind of blather heard from behind the walls the week before Cromwell arrived.


Hopefully it will go someway to sweating the 6 months of portering out of them.


Indeed, feeble minded folk spend huge time over analysing challenge games on bogs in February hoping against all rationality that this forms bears even the slightest relevance to Croker in August. All we can do is laugh into our sleeves.

But in saying that we’re gonna violate ye so disgustingly Sunday ye’all all be wearing plastic bags on yere heads afterwards.


It was the O’Anglo Irish that lived behind the walls, mate – The Irish were locked out.


Well, well, well … Look who’s back west of the Shannon talking out of the side of his mouth again – I liked you better when you were pronouncing your words on Saturday.


I’m having a whatsapp discussion with lads who want back in to 1A. We were in 1A for 30 years and won fuck all, down to 1B we go and hey presto.


Getting your excuses in early is to be admired. No point after timing when beat heavily.


You’re taking the league very seriously, consult with @Joe_Player on relationships between league and championship form.


Stage 3 I’d say.


Another Galway man getting his excuses in early — It’s staggering how they have gone from Kings in September back to peasants in February.


We only stopped drinking last week pal, give us time. Limerick should win handily on Sunday, they look the form team for 2018. Wouldn’t begrudge it to be honest.


The league means feck all no it’s good to get winning but I wouldn’t read too much it


That’s back when the Limerick lads were doing 6 boxing sessions, 3 gym sessions and 1 hurling session per week. And then a crowd of the soft young forwards pucked the heads off the supposedly teak tough defenders in the hotel ballroom in front of Buff Egan et al.


You’ve mischievously over stated the training sessions there to deflect from Wexfords exertions … That was a charity gig and a bit of team bonding - Davy has had your boys flogged to death for over 2 months now - He will have half of them retired by next year - See recent Clare retirees


There is a suit sale in Hanleys this weekend mate, tell the lads.


They have Celtic crosses though


Something the Wexford boys wont have… such is life.


We win one every 30 years, relieved to have got it in 2017. We’re not greedy and will enjoy it. If ye don’t bate Galway this year it’s probably best to give it up.


We will bate you lot a point a man - even with our B team.


Don’t make the same mistake we nearly made last year. We should probably have held back a bit from the league final but shure lookit, we got it done at the end of the day.