CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


I thought the same myself. Ballinalsoe, Ballygar, Mountbellew, & Salthill. A good sign.


Annaghdown. Yeah a great sign. Is that eamons young lad in full forward


much hurling in salthill\knock? thought it was just football there


It was Eamon’s young lad alright


Beginning to make headway underage but upto very recently was nearly all football. Hurling is beginning to make headway into football territory in Galway. Tuam have a very good underage setup now as well.


hurling in Tuam!? ?

what about the other way around? isn’t Tom Flynn from Athenry

Salthill must have big potential to develop in hurling with the population that side of the city. it would open a nice supply line of players for county teams


One question at a time, bro.


What does Niall Burke have to do to get 70 minutes?



He has improved a Tonne and is still getting hooked.


Mixing the footballing and hurling genes is very effective. Look at Daithi and JG. Both from football stock. Annaghdown is taking the piss though.


Wouldn’t lads from weaker or non Hurling Clubs be picked out as Co Minors more from Schools displays?
I’ve seen lads playing Co Minor who wouldn’t exactly impress playing with their Clubs.
Presume there are Development Squads operating throughout Galway?


Good question. I assume they think he’s good for 50 mins or so and is not a 70 min player.


Tadhg Haran is a Salthill exile. Moved Melows a few years back.


Liam Spratt on South East Radio the other night said Galway had two lads from a club based in Co Leitrim in the U21 squad.This could have been complete bullshit based on the source. Any truth in it?


He had faded today before he went off. Has played well all year but it was a good sub. Strange to bring flynn on and leave him full forward though.they needed fresh legs further out.


A good few Salthill fellas would hurl with Mellows in the past sure


Actually a clare exile before that


Hurling is trendy in the affluent burbs these days, along with the oul gaelscoile. The youngsters, if they take after their parents, will have sharp elbows.


Big shame. I remember underage playing Salthill teams that barely fielded teams due to lack of numbers.


Never heard this and it doesnt make any sense pal. I can only find the starting team listed and none of them are from leitrim. Theres a club called kilnadeema leitrim in galway (David Tierney) unless he got the wrong end of the stick there