CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


That’s probably it. :laughing:


Soccer was always numero uno in salthill. Then gaelic and rugby.
Hurling was pretty much unheard of, but knicknacarra is suddenly overrun with makey uppy fior gael names, and 4x4’s.


It would be glorious if Galway beat Tipp in an AI final with Eamon O’Shea’s son leading the charge.


I assume the lure of hurling in the senior club championship with Mellows would have been too much


A first cousin of Cathal Malone incidentally.


"I can’t go without commenting on last Wednesday’s Leinster U21 final, which will go down as one of the greatest games of hurling in a long time. That is despite a poor performance by referee John O’Brien. When he sits down to analyse his game, he will realise it left much to be desired.

John was so hard on Galway it beggared belief. Had they lost, you wouldn’t have been surprised if a fan or two came down from the stand and made a beeline for John.

Is somebody going to go through with John the rights and the many wrongs of what he did in Portlaoise? If so, is John prepared to take the constructive criticism? You’d hope the answer is yes to both questions because games of this magnitude deserve better"

Brian Gavin on Wednesday nights fiasco in Portlaoise. The real losers here are Wexford. They have now been deluded into thinking they were a match for Galway & unlucky on the night. Galway were 10 points the better team. @Bandage


Great win by a team beginning to look like one for the ages.
Both teams come out with serious credit from yesterdays clash, hard ‘close to the edge hurling’ from both, serious hits, no complaining, up and get on with it. Thought the ref and even Hawkeye had great games too.
Kilkenny pushed us all the way as we knew they would, even with the big lead but Galway hurled like they knew they’re the best team in the land and guess what, they are. There is one obvious weak link in the team however, the goalkeeper


It isn’t even a decent Galway team.


Astute and universally respected RTÉ pundit and All Ireland winner Tom Dempsey rightly points out that Wexford were the better team in today’s Wexford People, but congratulations to Galway for digging out the victory.



Ah, bless!


Ah bless x2


Gavin is really trying to make a name for himself.


Semi is on saturday 28th at 5pm guys. Ill see ye all in coppers.


Hurlers play the Sat before raceweek and footballers in Salthill the Saturday of raceweek?


Yep. Driiiiink


Very inconsiderate from the GAA.


Ugh, cuntish


This is an outrage


How much drink can a county drink?


Put in the loan and liver transplant application tomorrow