CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Might aswell bump this up after Paddy Sweeney won us our first championship match in Croker since 2001.


Two wins over kilkenny and kerry in the books. Carlsberg dont do counties…


“I was actually in the bog, I missed the first 15 minutes, I gave Dad a hand down the bog and my hammers weren’t thanking me for it afterwards but it had to be done,”



Doesn’t matter what sort of elite athlete you are. The auld bog will always find you out.


There’d be less hamstring and groin strains in modern society if lads went to the bog and thinned turnips like back in the old days. I bet Shane has the most delightful supple hamstrings, it must be like heaven to caress them.

Has anyone noticed something funny about Michael D. Higgins
Has anyone noticed something funny about Michael D. Higgins
Has anyone noticed something funny about Michael D. Higgins

Minor = Semi Final (to play)
U21 = Semi Final (to play)
Senior = Semi Final (to play)

Minor = Runners Up
Senior = 1/4 Finals (to play)

Mens Football
Senior = Super 8s
Minor = 1/4 Finals (to play)
U20 = Shit the togs.

Ladies Football
Minor = All-Ireland Winners
Senior = Connacht Winners


Can’t say I remember Padraig, must have been very young. The mother done well with the two lads anyway. Youngest would barely have been born.


How many All Irelands are we in lads?


It won’t be safe for Pope Francis to pass through in August


All of them?


Supposedly robbed by the ref in the junior all ireland yesterday. The jealousy from lesser parts of the country, ie all of it, is off the charts


Not really,I was at it…17 or 18 wife’s didn’t help


Mormon cunts


Hahaha wides


They kicked it away, the oul lad was at it, said they were missing frees from the 21 in front of goal :confounded:




Going by Marty and his squad, we’d be as well off not turning up for the Monaghan game. They’ll beat Galway handy is the recurring theme. Speaking of recurring themes mind you, all our lads do is win


Go back and look at how many posters on irish sporting and gambling forum went for kildare. Haterz be hatin


They hate us because of our freedom. Especially the occupied ones.


Was above at it today, Christ it was a great game of football. The fucking heat in it was savage, some lads looked out on their feet after 15 mins, but fair dues they kept it going.

Terrific first half, we should have been further ahead at half time, Patrick Sweeney butchered two great goal chances. It’s very hard to see what Walsh sees in him , he’ll work like a dog and all the rest of it but he’d have been more at home in the Junior final yesterday. The brother in fairness to him was mighty for the second week running. I’d worry for him though if he comes up against a top quality wing forward.

Ian Burke was a joy to watch, first half especially, links the play brilliantly, just has a brilliant football brain. Would like to see him on the end of a few moves because he’s clinical when he gets a chance.

Great spread of scores, 10 of the starting 15, Army got one as well I think when he came on.

Should have closed the game out much better than we did, we were 3/4 up around the time of the sending off but we left them hanging in there a bit too much for liking.

Some great individual performances butba real team effort today also, everyone left it out on the field, unfortunate for Michael Daly having to go off injured, he looked set for a great game. We could do without any more injuries now, panel will be getting a bit thin, especially in the forwards and midfield, but great to see Fiontain ÓCurraoin back after his leg break, I believe Duggan will be back for Monaghan game. Tom Flynn was mighty today, motm I’d say, he was absolutely gassed at the end.

Another great performance from Walsh and Comer too but fuck me he’s brainless at times. Going for goal himself with there towards the end when he had two inside him and when in reality a point was the sensible option.

Kildare played very well to be fair to them, kicked some great first half points, although big Flynn at full forward had one of those days when he bombed most of his kicks straight up in the sky.

A great atmosphere in Newbridge, must say though, those wannabe Dubs from around Leixlip / Celbridge area are fuckin painful to listen to. Newbridge itself is a bit of a kip I’d say, a lot of shitehawks and down and outs about the place. No fucking Supermacs in it either , it barely deserves to be called a town at all.

On we go to Monaghan in The Stadium, what a wonderful summer it has been and what a magnificent one it could yet become. Gállimh Abú!