CLG na Gaillimhe - tá siad ag teacht abhaile leis an tae sa trófaí


Might aswell bump this up after Paddy Sweeney won us our first championship match in Croker since 2001.


Two wins over kilkenny and kerry in the books. Carlsberg dont do counties…


“I was actually in the bog, I missed the first 15 minutes, I gave Dad a hand down the bog and my hammers weren’t thanking me for it afterwards but it had to be done,”



Doesn’t matter what sort of elite athlete you are. The auld bog will always find you out.


There’d be less hamstring and groin strains in modern society if lads went to the bog and thinned turnips like back in the old days. I bet Shane has the most delightful supple hamstrings, it must be like heaven to caress them.


Minor = Semi Final (to play)
U21 = Semi Final (to play)
Senior = Semi Final (to play)

Minor = Runners Up
Senior = 1/4 Finals (to play)

Mens Football
Senior = Super 8s
Minor = 1/4 Finals (to play)
U20 = Shit the togs.

Ladies Football
Minor = All-Ireland Winners
Senior = Connacht Winners