Click Here To Access The Forum

This is for people on the home page ( who have clicked on ‘Forums’ only to get a database error message. Our Nicoraguan and Costa Rican based technical support staff are working around the clock to come up with a fix but for now you can access the boards by clicking on the latest posts here and navigate around them using the ‘Go To’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

How can anybody who cant get to the forum see this?

If you go to the home page address - - then there’s a list of latest posts down the left hand side and you can click on this particular one or any of the others to get on the board.

Some people might still be clicking ‘Forums’ and presuming everything’s down but the board’s in fine fettle - it’s just the forum menu page that’s not working.

i would presume that is why there are no guests around the place today…

Fook them Puke - they’re only voyeur perverts.

i agree with you bandage…parasites…no loss to the place…

sad fuck that i am i logged on and saw it was fucked. tried to fix it but tough without a computer. guests couldnt get on at all i dont think.