Climate Change


I thought climate change wasn’t happening?


CNN is going to be comedy gold after this.


George Lee utterly seething .


The US is a pariah state


Should we impose sanctions on the US ?


We will eventually. They are effectively giving polluters a subsidy thus skewing competition and we will have to impose tariffs on them to correct this


Smart businesses in the US will move towards greener energy if they want to remain cutting edge and the ones that don’t will be left behind

I don’t buy US products anyway though but a lot of consumers will start following my lead


US products are generally inferior.


Explain ??


Items manufactured in the US are generally of inferior quality to items manufactured elsewhere in the world.


Shit cars, shit food, shit movies, shit sports.


Example ?


Great president though


American cars.


Hershey bars.

They taste horrible.


Cars in don’t know : food is average but no worse than most , films hit and miss , American sports have huge popularity over the world .


Most of their manufactured food is repulsive.



Westlife were very popular and they were shit.


Trump is apparently open to staying in the Paris Climate Accord as long as it’s renamed “the Totally Awesome Kalamazoo Weather Deal.”


Basketball is a brilliant sport,

Baseball is a decent game .

American football I am not keen on but I can see a certain appeal it has.