Climate Change


Why is that ?


Basketball is good, but then again it was invented by a Canadian.

Baseball is a load of shit and US football has sod all skill involved.

That leaves demolition derbies, bucking broncos, horsey racing in muck and Nascar, which are all shit.


Did you ever live in US or holiday there Sidney ?


They can’t even make decent bread in America ffs


Or beer


They can make fantastic credit default swaps though.


No, and I would have little wish to go there apart from liberal coastal areas such as San Francisco and San Diego or the Mississippi blues route.

My brother is just back from Florida and has been to the US many times, if that’s any help to you. After briefly liking it the first time, he has settled on the firm view that it’s a hellhole of a country.


Pretty dumb from Trump, as one would expect. Doesn’t have a problem with the policy, rather he took issue with ‘the deal’. A country is not going to enter into bilateral negotiations when the price is the fury of the other 192 countries who have committed to the accord. Painting himself into a corner again.

The fossil fuels lobby own him so this was always on the cards, but the stupidity of the argument is yet again striking.


Hershey bars are fucking terrible. They don’t even taste like chocolate.


He did call climate change a hoax before the election on numerous occasions,

At least he’s sticking to his pre election promises rightly or wrongly.


Is it like the “war bread” they had in Europe during World War I?


I wouldn’t know mate before my time


We’ll know again in a few decades when it’ll be called “climate change bread”.


The only time @Sidney left the country was to stalk some bird all the way to Australia only to be sent home with Tea in his Mug


Incorrect. I’ve also been to Blackpool.


He went to Poznan for Euro 12 as well in fairness. His mate banged a bird in the room next door.


I stand corrected


Great motorbikes.


Were you in the Glen Rovers clubhouse ?


Corvette? Ford Mustang? Tesla?
No question US car quality declined in the 70s and 80s due to complacency, but there’s little difference in features and quality between major brands today.