Climate Change


Covfefe is the leading US car brand these days, which tells you all you need to know.


No but Canice has been.


What does that mean? If he promised to murder people in the streets and kept his promise would you also regard that as just cause to praise him?


On the Paris agreement, I’m opposed to this action by the administration.
It’s important to note however that the agreement is largely symbolic (as is the US withdrawing from it) as it has no binding agreements, nor sanctions for non-compliance. It’s basically another example of politicians getting together and clapping themselves on the back for doing nothing substantial.
The US has been reducing greenhouse emissions for the past decade, levels are now 7% below the 2005 level. As technology advances and electric cars replace fuel driven, this downward trend will continue. On a global basis, especially as the standard of living and economic demand rises in the developing world, the only way to significantly reduce emissions is conversion of electricity production from fossil fuels to nuclear fusion. Still at least a few decades away unfortunately.


You need a trip to San Francisco mate. Best sourdough on the planet.

edit. ditto for Balbec, Sierra Nevada, Anchor, Russian River, Lagunitas, etc. That’s just a few of the major brands, there are hundreds of superb craft beers in NorCal alone.


I’ve driven lots of American cars over the years and lots of European and Japanese cars and the European and Japanese cars are vastly superior.


One city does nice bread, a knock off of a traditional European bread. And there are a few craft breweries in Northern California doing knock offs of European and English styles of beer.

That’s a ringing endorsement for US industry.


In your opinion. Might have been true a few decades ago, but not according to anyone knowledgable today.



Settle an argument


C[quote=“labane1917, post:228, topic:18636, full:true”]
In your opinion. Might have been true a few decades ago, but not according to anyone knowledgable today.

Not at all. Last time I drove a car in the States was over a month in 2011. Genuinely feared for my safety at times, it was so shit.

I’d assume Teslas are fine cars and once they get over that spontaneous combustion glitch I’ll even chance driving one.


You seem to have quite the hump for the US. Did an Anerican bird find you inadequate?
You’re just ranting and completely out of touch.
America leads and always led the way in technology and manufacturing, unless you haven’t heard of aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, petroleum, Internet, etc. The reason first Japan and now China became manufacturing powerhouses was US innovation and investment.


What the fuck were you driving?


I love America, chum. I lived, worked and holidayed there many times over the years. That wouldn’t blind me though to the inferior quality of many of their manufactured products and the inefficiency of many of their manufacturing processes.


A Dodge, ironically enough.


So you’ve dialed it back to “many” from implied “all”.
Look, like anywhere you get the full range of crap to outstanding. I would agree there is more crap in the US but that’s because of the insatiable appetite for stuff. Like everything you usually get what you pay for.


A dodge :weary:
Would you not treat yourself to a decent car.


I chose to drive an atypical American car. It was shit. They wouldn’t hand out dross like this in a European airport.


He’s a crank


I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard and read so much stupid on a topic.


Fagan wins.

Chump should take a sabbatical.