Climate Change

Shur the wee creatur can barely reach the floor nevermind the artwork

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The mild winter has the poor polar bears demented.

these guys are smashing all targets

Polar bears are insanely dangerous. Literally every country that has them has some “go nowhere without a shotgun” type law

the polar bear is originally from Ireland

Did polar bears originate from Ireland?

Image result for the origin of the polar bear

The maternal ancestors of modern polar bears were from Ireland, according to a DNA study of ancient brown bear bones. Scientists in the UK, Ireland and the US analysed the teeth and skeletons of 17 brown bears that were found at eight cave sites across Ireland.7 Jul 2011

I was told the same one day heading to Cullyhanna.

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This must be weather rather than climate.

BBC News - China: Northern city of Mohe reports coldest temperature

Global warming makes it colder mate.

The shift from global warming to climate change showed a remarkable sleight of hand.

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Global heating now, it’s more alarmist and severe.

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Duncan 100% on message there. The earth is warming up, he notes.

Duncan be doing a three hour plus commute each way, probably in a 4 litre diesel jeep. His first stop will be motorway services I reckon, where he’ll get a burger king


Says it all really, what a con job.

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Imagine how many trees they could have planted for that.

Carbon solved

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Sports clubs able to apply for free EV chargers guys. Dont waste a second

Does that include free electricity?

Cagers pay mate

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