Climate Change


The Paris accord was a crock of shit, non binding and didn’t tie anyone to anything. When the Australian government, a crowd of horrible, fat, racist, knuckle dragging morons, are happy with it, you knows it’s useless. It was a free kick for politicians to say look, we’ve done something. The only countries who wouldn’t agree to it were Syria (civil war, complete breakdown of society) and Nicaragua (thought it was a crock and didn’t go far enough).
But Trump abdicating from it sends a signal to the world that he really couldn’t give a shit about climate change, the rest of the world, or the future. America’s authority and credibility is further eroded. Trump consigns future generations of the American workers he professes to love to disadvantage in the marketplace as the rest of the world moves on.
It goes to show how irrelevant politics and politicians have become really.
Meanwhile technology and economies work away at reaping the future rewards of a carbon reduced economy. Wal Mart reduces it’s carbon emissions by 25% and saves $1 bil. China announces 103 coal fired power stations it planned to build will never see the light of day. The Australian government bends over backwards to try to get a totally uneconomic basket case of a coal mine over the line to provide 1500 jobs, while the Victorian government and businesses announce an actual commitment to build offshore wind turbines, creating 12000 jobs and driving 18% of that states energy needs. Texas, the oil capital of the US, powers away at renewable energy. Small steps, but significant ones.
Governments across the world are years behind what businesses are actually doing and just getting in the way. Trump hasn’t copped this. He wants a couple of thousand coal miners to get their jobs back, even though they won’t. The opportunity cost is huge here. American technology and entrepreneurship should be driving the renewable energies and businesses of the future. They’re doing it despite their government. Trump is just putting road blocks in the way of Americans getting jobs in the 21st century.
He’s also fucking up the planet on the way.
Fuck him, fuck politicians, fuck governments. We just have to figure it out ourselves.
Incidentally, American cars are horrible.
I agree with Labane about nuclear power, but we’ve essentially missed that boat. Renewables are the way, but we’ll have to put up with coal for a while yet.


Bullet points please mate


Mac, listen. I know you have the attention span of a gnat, which is why you probably never reply to @The_Selfish_Giant 's perfectly reasonable requests from time to time (Mac, wake up, stop looking over there you drunken fuck) but try to make an effort will you? You have egg dripping all over your shirt and your shoelace is undone, smarten yourself up.


Incidentally and what Trump probably didn’t quite understand as he has the intellect of lets say a hook nosed drunken fucker with the attention span of a gnat, America can’t actually leave the Paris accord until Nov 4, 2020.
The day after the US election of course.


It must be a very difficult time to be an intelligent person in he U S watching this shit going on


@labane1917 seems to be enjoying the last few months


What’s a gnat?


Similar to newbies really, pests that need extermination.


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Macron: “Make our planet great again.” :smile:


Ireland is closer to Pittsburgh than Paris


He flies off to Saudi to doff the cap to the oil rich cunts and the next week he pulls out of the climate change accord. Of course the willfully stupid section of American society won’t be able to spot any issue here.



The US will be stuck in a primitive rut of 1950s energy technology while the rest of the world powers on with better and better alternative energy sources.


They have enormous private capital reserves, but technology shifts like this are always publicly driven due to the scale of investment required. The economic argument for their current trajectory makes no sense at all, beyond some very short term interests.


Listen Cletus and Leeroy need those coal jobs,how the fuck are they expected to buy crystal meth without money


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