Climate Change

The last thing a government should be doing is supporting business…

Supporting loss making businesses that are detrimental to the Environment?

I organised the chopping down of a load of trees and hedgerows last week. Needed to be done.

I’m sorry @The_Selfish_Giant

You wouldn’t shut down a supermarket because the lad stacking the shelves gets paid fuck all

He’s a right wing nut or a bot or something something. And his sources are nazi bots or something something.

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You need to look at the food industry as a whole rather than resenting an underpaid but vital cog in the wheel

dont think beef & lamb are vital mate

They are

Finally some good news. The Dutch have told @The_Selfish_Giant , @greta, and all the other assorted climate scam wankers to go shit in their hats.


Farmers 1 Wankers 0


Was just about to post about it. :clap::clap::clap:

Rural Oirland is gunning for Ryan too.


Hadn’t we an agrarian party of our own in the 20’s. It might be time to resurrect it.