Climate Change





A reversal of the migration south allowed by the invention of cooling and refrigeration 100 years ago.


My farm is up on a hill. I’m going to be selling mooring rights lads.


All a bit of a ruse I reckon. People with beach front properties in Finland are fighting with their government over land left by the receding sea…


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Thanks mate, safe and sound (so far). Smog has been horrendous but not much to complain about. While it appears the whole state is on fire the two big fires are north of LA in Malibu and north west of Sacramento. Hundreds of thousands of acres burning, no sign of containment yet.



Is it time to hone survival skills


I think its all made up myself, the Democrats in America invented it



I have a bad feeling he may be right.


You were about to move to Limerick, it should be a picnic for you.


Of course he’s right ---- we are part of the natural world.


David Attenborough is a national treasure. I was listening to a podcast there where he described his childhood. It was unreal. His parents adopted 2 orphans from Europe in ww2 and just announced “now you have two sisters” an absolute gentleman


Another one of the global iluminati telling us to change our ways. I’m not buying it. The Lizard Queen, Mary Robinson, was on endorsing his views on the radio there this morning.


In sceptical myself. I think the Democrats in America have made this thing all up


Al Gore invented climate change.


Maybe he did or didn’t but my eating of steak and roast beef is non negotiable .