Climate Change


Too late. You have a bike and an electric car. You can no longer hide your green credentials.
You can obfuscate and dissemble all you like, but there’s an unmistakable scent of macnas off you.


Not much balance there in fairness.


I drive an electric car to save money. That’s it’s primary purpose. I’m not like that lady on the Toyota hybrid ad “Oi drive aToyota hoybrid so Oi can feel good about moyself that OI am saving the planet while I am droiving the kids 300 yards to school”


how long before the change to electric becomes cost effective?


Straight away if you like the car.


fiscally speaking?


You are exactly like her


I’m not.


Post of mine about it from 18 months ago.


that’s a belter. thanks for the steer



Morrocco and Gambia are the only two countries meeting their Paris Accord commitments.


Fucking hell. How can they be enforced though


We need some serious advancements in green energy tech to save us from ourselves. No chance we make even a dent on the targets otherwise because let’s face it. No one is even trying and it’s not profitable do so.

We need to try something mental like a massive fuck off solar farm in some African desert or something


Another example of governments unable to do anything useful. It needs massive investment for sure, the current investment level in renewable energy in the US is about $50B annually, but something like a $trillion is planned (solar and wind mainly) in private investment from this year to 2030, but is it a little too late?


Unbelievable idea that. Really thinking outside the box. :sleeping:


There is one way to fund it. Central banks have printed over $12T since 2008 which has had fuck all impact on the real economy, it saved the big banks from self destruction by buying up all their useless shit, and blew asset bubbles that made multi multi billionaires out of multi billionaires.

Print another $12T (its only paper after all) and fund global renewable energy projects. The west of Ireland should get a fair lash of it.


Like all these things they tend to snowball and tech will get better and battery storage will improve etc. and transitions can happen rapidly once they start. The big car companies are only flirting with electric at the minute but they have the money to switch completely in a couple of years once the demand is there. The big oil companies are already diversifying into renewables as they can see the writings on the wall and again that will only intensify.
The one thing in our favour is that the countries that are the most polluting are the ones with the most money to fix themselves. The problem is the ones most exposed are the ones that can least afford to defend themselves.
Timelines on climate change are pretty inexact so hopefully we’ve a bit longer than the worst case scenarios. But I think if it really came down to it,in a backs against the wall scenario the money and tech will be found. But we’ll probably run up to deadline and beyond before it gets better.
Humans are infinitely adaptable and also infinitely unwilling to do so unless absolutely nessecary


Thanks mate.


The deadline is effectively here now.

Governments are riven with corruption and ideological brakes on any action. The aussie government, such that it is, for example is actively looking at ways to underwrite coal power stations, a massive tax payer handout to the fossil fuel industry that will leave us exposed to billions. Thankfully this government is going to be decimated in the election in May.
Despite them, despite their war on renewable energy, despite a prime minister who thought it was hilarious to bring a lump of coal into parliament and tell us not to be scared of it, the renewables sector is forging ahead without subsidy in Australia now and we may actually meet our Paris targets (which are to put it politely, modest). Which will piss off our government.

The penny is dropping. During the worst of the heatwave we’re still experiencing in Victoria, the coal fired plants failed and failed miserably. Backup from renewables in South Australia saved the grid.

More good news today in that a court has ruled in favour of licals trying to stop yet another coal mine in the Hunter Valley. What is significant about this is that the judge cited not just rhe impact on the local environment and population, but climate change itself.