Climate Change

A brilliant piece by Booker prize winning authot Richard Flanagan on the climate change induced destruction of Tasmania and the government’s fault in it.

You could have bought a ticket to Ireland while you were composing that. Joking aside, will Oz survive? Possibly not for humans I’d say, or at least not humans as we know them.

Our head of sales rudely interrupted me, is nothing sacred?
Aus will survive and possibly thrive as a leading renewables nation
It could now if we had the political will, or if some politicians (Abbott, Morrisson, Taylor, god there’s so many) died. In a fire hopefully, caused by climate change.
But the effects are here now, rapidly increasing temps, more and more days above 30, 35, 40 degrees. A bushfire season that is essentially the entire year long. Damage has alreadybeen done

Incidentally, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Black Saturday fires in Vic when 173 people were burned to death during a prolonged period of +40 degree temps.

It may be a losing battle for Oz. The best we can hope for is mitigation, but the trend will continue and fuck knows where the tipping point is. I would have a plan B if I were you (not kidding).

He monetised it.

Poor bears.

I’d say it’s a miserable fucking place to live anyway. They might as well leave it to the bears.

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Enniscorthy has the same air pollution levels as Beijing. Smoky coal is the issue. Great piece on Pat Kenny there on air pollution in Wexford there. The locals are in the main nuts.

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And a few thick bastards in Ireland think going vegan on Mondays and cycling to work will save the icecaps :smile:


I think that the ozone level and greenhouse gas level are fairly tangential, but I could be wrong.

Correct, you are wrong.

Greenhouse gases cause both ozone layer depletion and climate change/global warming, but it depends on the gas in question. Climate change is mainly caused by CO2 and CH4, but ozone depletion is caused by chlorine and bromine containing compounds like the CFCs referenced in the article.

If we destroyed the Ozone layer would it let the greenhouse gases escape? :thinking:

Like a good corner back, you can only take care of your own patch. What goes on out the field isn’t in your control.


If we destroy the ozone layer we won’t be here to find out

Spare a thought for that corner back when the likes of Shane O’Donnell is allowed to take 20 steps with the ball in hand.


The freakled irish would be burnt to a crisp. Plankton and key bacterias in soils would be fucked. You’re right, we’d be fucked