Climate Change


That shock jock chap from the US who’s on the George Hook Show every Friday says the world is cooling, and I’ve learned from experience that people like that always know what they’re talking about, even when they don’t.


Sydney is heading into it’s 39th consecutive day above 26 degrees. The previous record (set in 2014) was 19 consecutive days. It’s not fucking cooling here.


They should stop selling coal to the Chinese then, the cunts. Serves them/ye right.


Living the dream.


Here @TreatyStones try this dataset


Two pearls of wisdom:

  1. One swallow doth not a summer make;
  2. Ne’er cast a clout till May be out.

Keep wearing multiple layers @Fitzy - this is a freak one-off event. In another 2 months you can start airing the shorts and t-shirts.


I added one there for you…


I’m not quite getting this, in two months time it will be winter here. Though, we’ll probably still be wearing t shirts and shorts as winter only last two weeks here.


'4. Limerick never feared Tipp.



The world has been changing for millions of years and will continue to change.

A few of you may find documentaries, such as the following, quite educational


Of course the world has been changing for millions of years. It didn’t have humans until recently and didn’t have the industrial revolution pumping millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere until very recently. The results of that are being seen now.




This smells like evidence of something but I’m not sure what. Do you think it might be god smiting Australia for its actions, @Fitzy?


I don’t believe in a god Juhy, so no, though someone should smite Australia for it’s lack of action on climate change. We’ve just approved one of the biggest coal mines ever (it won’t get built though, thankfully, as the banks are running away from it faster than a Clare forward on Joey Holden). The Great Barrier Reef is about to die.


What about giving brian mcfadden a home for so long? Do you not think he’d smite you for that?


I’m sure I should probably know what you’re talking about, but, huh?


He was fucked out of the northern hemisphere for being a cunt and ye housed him and nurtured him. Now he’s back here acting the cunt!

Myloma is too good for ye (it seems obvious that’s what God thinks anyway).


I have no idea who you’re talking about and why are you wishing cancer on me?