Climate Change


Not you fitzy. You seem a solid type . And god knows we’ll need experts in growing your own veg when armeggedon comes. It’s god smiting Australia. Show him your passport and you should be alright.


Fair enough, Australia has a lot to answer for. I actually have my citizenship test tomorrow, though I’ll still be travelling on an Irish passport. Where does this God chap live? Is he a hurling man?


hon Trump, he’s bailing out


Trump laying down the law here


Climate change is a load of bollix anyway.


It’s not . Climate has been changing since the Big Bang .




it is of course, a load of nonsense


it was made up by the Chinese


“a reassertion of American soverginty”


Great leadership from President Trump.


strong and decisive


The climate has always changed.

Ballsy move from Trump…a politician keeping his word…is a rare event.

Well done Trump.


Dead right. Climate change is a makey uppy thing to keep lefties in jobs.


doing what he said what he was going to do


Catriona perry is seething on the news now.




Al Gore must be seething beyond belief.





snowflakes are in meltdown

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