Clint Eastwood Classic Movies Thread

What a movie

I’m going around the periphery with some of these clips. The big hitters are still there.

Probably the most unique Western of all time with the supernatural element and eerie score, not to mention the dark and brutal culture of murder and rape which was far closer portrayal to what the real wild West was, no surprise Clint directed it as it was so far ahead of its time.

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This is a truly special piece of film.

This is good.

The Man With No Name BBC 1977 Documentary - YouTube

This was the scene that really exploded Eastwood.

Watched a grand spaghetti western on YouTube last night. Starred Lee Van Cleef who was brilliant as ever and it had a great Morricone soundtrack.

It’s nice to walk in after a skinful of pints celebrating a Limerick win and The Outlaw Josey Wales is on. Kids snoring and a large Black Barrell ós comhair dom.