Clocks go forward one hour tonight

I hope it’s not too late for this traditional reminder. One hour less sleep tonight.

Disappointed Bandage neglected to offer his usual reminder so we all don’t forget. Kudos for stepping in, Sidney.

Bandage has fallen a distant third behind Rocko and Dunph in moderating and general contribution to the site these days, Thraw.

Spring back, fall forwards.

less sleep gives us more time to get on with life

its an hour extra sleep buddy…

even better, i have 2 hours head start

Kid Chocolate = Bill Cullen ??.. :strokechin:

Do you have any performance improvement observations for me, SS**? How can I get better?

To be honest I don’t and I don’t even believe what I wrote. I just lashed out as I believe you are the moderator who has stymied all future TFK Jamborees due to what I believe are alarmist concerns about insurance.

Change the fucking time Cocko.

In other news, this site is going from weird to extremely weird.

Yeah it happened around 12.20 today

Rocko with his annual joke setting the clock two hours behind. Everyone knows it’s 3 o’clock Rocko, joke’s over.

Let me leave it another few hours. Might just catch out one or two of the newbies.

Bumping for tonight. Clocks go forward at 1am.

Thought the EU said not to change them this year?

You won’t fool anyone with that shit balbec. The clocks are indeed going forward tonight.


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