Clonlara is an estate on the outskirts of Limerick City, fifteen miles from Shannon Airport and twelve miles from Killaloe.

The main attractions of Clonlara are the trout tickling centre, the equestrian centre, the falls of Doonass, the head race canal(part of the shannon scheme) and of course their superb young hurling team.

The people of Clonlara are decent skins and this year after an 89 year wait they brought Canon Hamilton back to his birth place.

Clonlara’s primary weakness is their lack of strength in depth, as they are widely acknowledged to have ‘the bare fifteen’ at senior level.

Some of the legendary figures to come out of Clonlara include Colm Honan, Canon Hamilton, Marcus Horan and The Puke.

They do not take kindly to protestants in Clonlara and the Church of Ireland graveyard is frequently vandalised.

We also love our traditional music in Clonlara but we also love our hurling.

Clonlara has the lowest percentage of sheep / farmer marriages in Clare.

The Puke is NOT a product of one of these marriages.

@Big_Brian_Lohan - a fair bit of news coverage over the last few days … Any of yours affected by the flooding?

No, we are the other side of the canal so no flooding. Springfield floods habitually. It is a floodplain. How the houses were given planning back in the day I don’t know. Always makes the news when flooded and then FFG do fuck all about it.

One of the Mason’s raised his house by two courses of blocks before, made no difference.

Is it true about the Protestants?

Is the Lame Duck still trading?



Why, were you gonna visit it weekly to keep it going???

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God bless the Wiki :clap:

Nah but not nice to see these rural places closing

Your man was a contrary cunt — didnt want anyone but a few locals in there and then wasnt making money… an pig of a man. Last I saw him he was working in Bobby Byrnes …

How is the pub in Larkins Cross going???

Going well by all accounts. Haven’t been there in a good while.

And why would you be out there? - what have you got to tell me?

I like to spread my money around the city and it’s environs. But in all honesty I haven’t been in a pub since Christmas. Used to go to the Lame Duck when I was in UL around 15 years ago. It was a bit of a novelty thing

No - you let the mask slip slightly there… You’re from around the general area

Nah bud I used to be riding a girl out Clonlara side she was a guard in the city


@Big_Brian_Lohan - please tell me that the wan I had a couple of hook ups with is not a guard now


@stonecold stirring the porridge it seems.

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It cant be easy for him after finding that out — keep an eye on him pal.

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