No need bud I’m in very high spirits

She was montpellier/Limerick stock, no?

Her mother and father were second cousins too. You sick fuck

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What’s this? Inbreeding in Clare. I thought you only go that carry on in Limerick or Galway.

Learn to read numb nuts. She is from Montpellier

How’d he do that?

Yerra, Montpellier, Broadford, Clonlara, Tis all the wan.

Except it’s not, they’re on opposite sides of the Shannon

Judging by the Carlow Weather site it’s gone.

No harm. Will put a halt to their complaining.
They can all just move back to limerick and Clonlara can return to it’s natural role as a flood plain.

I hate to point it out but Clonlara is a relatively large parish geographically speaking. Only a small part of the parish which cradles the river Shannon is affected by the flooding. I’d say 95% of the parish and the village itself is unaffected.

He could have had a hopping student pub the thick fucker but he wouldn’t serve us

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The farmers on the radio are gas.
My land is flooded the government should give me some free money
But you live by the river, is this not to be expected?
I don’t care give me some free money and build flood defences costing multiple millions so I can continue grazing ten cows on it.

Aren’t most farmers along the Shannon engaged in unprofitable beef and sheep farming?

There’s none of them making a profit if you believe them

They could move into rice production

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Paddy fields, be ideal for Ireland

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That sounds like hard work, no thanks.

They should all be forced into putting 30% of their land into deciduous forestry. That would help solve the flooding issue

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And improve biodiversity at the same.time.

Coillte the cunts have the country poisoned with spruce. If the government were serious about helping the environment this would be tackled.