Club Championships 2017


I don’t think it’s superior fitness, they’ve been superior hurlers to all the teams they’ve played so far. They’ve just been slow getting going to make that tell.


I dont even know where you’d start with this. Its just a hobby mate, relax a bit ffs.


The lub’n on-her of fuck.


He was fucking Junior A :smile:


And a bad junior A side by the sounds of it.


Corofin full forward sent off after less than a minute. Left a lazy knee in on the full back while he was on the ground.


No he didn’t terrible decision


Seemed very, very harsh.


Disgraceful decision.


Contact was minimal and it was a harsh red but the full forward clearly stood over him and dropped the knee towards the player on the ground. 9/10 you would get away with it


Moorefield are very limited.


Awful game of football so far. 8 or 9 points could win this


Pitch in Tullamore looks in bad nick. Very heavy and cutting up


Probably bad drainage there.

Midlands is generally bogland anyway.


They’re cute and gritty as fuck though, they often beat teams better than them


Who are their county men?


Backed Corofin at 4/5 here in running


Furio Giunta playing wing back for Corofin.


None at the moment. Murnaghan has been on the panel and might come in after the club run, James Murray and Eanna O’Connor should get the call too. Sweeney and Flynn have retired from county, Ryan Houlihan and Adam Tyrell would be on the panel but both are abroad with the army. Hurley-Lynch was on the county panel for a year about 12 years ago


Corofin should win this one fairly comfortably, even with 14 men.