Club Championships 2017


Good few brainless tackles in this so far.


Moorefield have an extra man yet are resorting to pot shots from 40 yards out the field. Corofins backs look are far more composed unit than Moorefields


Moorefield can’t shoot.


Moorefield no 6 refusing to take a shot on 25 yards in front of the posts there with little pressure on him.

Great goal chance for Corofin.


Massive chance blown by Corofin there on the stroke of half time. Needed to lay it off. Two lovely foot passes in that move by 7 to start it and 13 to set Lundy away


Lundy the greedy cunt


This is as bad a game of football as you will see.


How did moorefield win Leinster? Look woeful.


Awful. To their credit Corofin have a bit about them but Moorefield look very limited moving up and down the field with straight and lateral passes. Corofin seem happy to let them have the ball and keep their defensive shape safe in the knowledge that they can’t score


Vincent’s and Portlaoise fucked up first and then Lomans absolutely fucked the final away in injury time


Afraid to shoot.


Scandless red.not even a booking


They beat Portlaoise themselves, in fairness to then


Who was the last non-Dublin club from Leinster to win a senior All Ireland club football championship?


Portlaoise should have been out of sight, they fucked up. Moorefield tbf took advantage. As they did with Lomans.


The Town I’d wager

Actually Baltinglass now I think of it


Who? WHEN?


Baltinglass 1990


You hadn’t asked when.

A quick google says 89/90 for Baltinglass


That’s a good length.