Club Championships 2017



The fat lad didn’t last long.


That Tyrell lad will be boxing outside some takeaway in Newbridge tonight I’d say.


The game was richer with his presence in it


Sweeney seems to be only Moorefield player with any bit of football in him.


Hon Psycho


Lundy is a bit simple.


Unreal shoulder by Murray

And finishes with the point


Moorefield the useless cunts might just steal this :joy:


That’s been their MO all year tbf. It might not be an accident at this stage.


The ponytailed wonder is my motm


Level now !!


Moorefield have them where they want them


Another pot shot from 40 yards that goes harmlessly wide


Murnaghan has been a disaster


Corofin have tried to go through the middle too much on the second half. It has suited Moorefield who have gotten bodies back and flooded that area


They bottle the free!


How many of Corofin will make Galway team ??


Daft tackle.

Moorefield are like a team that was recruited from a gym last week.

Big, immobile and robotic.

Sice bottled that one.


Great goal


Great goal ,