Club Championships 2017


Done to enable Limerick folk watch the rugby match I believe mate


I didn’t think question was hurling/football specific.

Think Morgan was UCC and Thomson. Open to correction though

I was guessing anyway


Outstanding inter-sporting scheduling to have the All-Europe rugby football crunch match vs the Sasanachs act as a warm-up to Na Piarsaigh vs Cuala in the Spud-Hockey Cup Final. :clap:


Hard see a more than 20 k at Croker . No real novelty team , no ulster team , no bandwagon for participating counties as most would feel they have won enough


What time is the rubby on?


Ya, for whatever reason I had football in my head, my thoughts are that both were finished college before those competitions


Haven’t the foggiest mate


You may well be right


Hard to see what other time they could put it on at. Pity their is a clash though.


Nobody will be watching that. Ireland v England at Twickenham is the biggest sporting event of 2018


Sure England are out mate,it isn’t that big.


The Millennium Trophy is still to play for.


The family and I will be rooting for na piarsigh, and oireland in that order.


The ccha’s are going to croker on the 17th.
Good luck to @glasagusban & @habanerocat along with the kith & kin for the big day.


Rugby at 14:45 away to England. Hurling 15:45.
Bit of a clash but we’re thankful for all the support we can get.


It’s no clash at all. There is only one place that we will be.

The significant Ireland-England contest will have concluded round 5pm on friday 16th March.





What is the grounds for their appeals? Are they just chancing their arms in the hopes to get off and play in the final?


Hard to see them get off here . There appears to be now film evidence to clear them .